Wild things may come

This year has started slowly, at least for me. Structure has not been my friend. Frustrating since I've wanted to make great plans and to make some big decisions. But it has been impossible to do so. So I just turned around. I needed to embrace to what was.

And it – surprisingly opened a portal to new insights.

All this feeling of impossibility to get close to structure and plans in order has all been about a great longing for the wilderness.
Everything wild and unconventional seems more appealing than ever.

I have found great happiness in creating with antlers and bone again. The pot plants are screaming for attention; and I am listening.

Most people have already thrown their Christmas trees out. I keep mine as a reminder of the wild. The decorations are all gone, but I kept the lights. It really helps to have a tiny bit of the wild dark forest in my living room. That is one way of doing it.

I live in the city, so the wilderness is not available everyday – unless I invite it in.

I have also had cravings for ”wild tastes”, like pine, birch and grass. I found this mead that tastes meadow sweet. It tastes wonderfully and provides a wild spark at an instant. Just what I needed right now. It makes me feel alive.

Of course I spend a lot of time outdoors, but it seems that it just isn't enough. I sniff at the spruce tree in my living room every now and then. And I also read this lovely book about trolls. It really helps. I need all my senses to embrace the wilderness at this point in time. Small steps really make a big difference here.

Now I will take some vacation. It will not be into the classical wilderness, but to Berlin. I really hope that it will be a crazy and inspirational trip. I need that, just to let go of everything ”inside the box”. I feel so happy to be able to do this. And just the idea of embracing what really is feels like a revelation and as a new start.