Staying alert - smoothie recipe

To keep being creative, busy and happy it is important with good food for me. And good food often means smoothies and juices. Today I'll share a recipe with you.

I like having smoothies for lunch. It helps me feel spirited when I work. And this smoothie is literally boosted with a lot of goodness which is great for staying healthy.

I start with juicing:

  • two lemons
  • some ginger
  • some turmeric
  • five apples

This goes all down in the juice machine. 


Then I make the rest of the smoothie.

And now I use

  • one banana
  • one clementine
  • a lot of spinach
  • one tea spoon spirulina powder (super healthy green algae)
  • one table spoon lucuma (a super food powder)


Then I simply mix it all together until smooth and add as much of the juice as I like. I like to have a lot of ginger and turmeric. It has to burn a little!

Then it is just to enjoy. All badness is killed right away.

Food for any kind of goddess.


This is how happy I get! To use a skull jar can never go wrong.