Ode to moss

I love the soft velvety feel of moss. Sometimes I long to the forest just to see and mostly to feel soft moss. All kinds of moss. It is truly a calming feel to lay my cheek to the soft green carpet in the forest. Let the ancient green talk in its own slow way. The moss is silent, a bit moist and it is never ever in a hurry. The moss takes its time. It takes all the time that it needs. Maybe it is therefor it is so appealing?


To not hurry is rather rebellion these days. And I think I've got a lot to learn from moss.

Moss also has its habitat in the hardest conditions. It literally lives on rocks. That is impressive. They don't need much, but they do need time and not to many disturbances.


With all this said I hope that I've managed to explain why I love moss so much – and beyond its raw beauty.


As a woman living in the city I think it is absolutely necessary to have some moss around me. And that is the reason to why I make moss jewellery.

The moss can follow you all day, and close to the heart as well.


And even if you're not living in a city I think that many people spend a lot of time indoors. And a small help to connect with nature can be to carry moss.

I really enjoy that thought.