Recently I've found myself obsessed with threads again.
Earlier it has been crochet. This time it is macrame. I just love to put threads together and create something. It is primitive yet elaborated.

Some yarn or a macrame thread don't look fancy at first, but with love and patient work real magic happens.

In stressful situations I find work with threads the most satisfying. It is no use to rush this work. And I get the feeling that for every millimeter of thread work that is done I get slightly more calm. It is really addictive and I believe that it is really good for your health.
At least I find the work with threads deeply healing. The work itself gives a sort of acceptance attitude to my current situation and my whole life.

It is that you just don't put the threads in order, but you give a pattern and a reason to your whole life.

I could write a lot more about the benefits of working with threads, but I won't. Try out for yourself. And in the meantime I will make more knots into necklaces…