Incense as a tool for creativity

I am not waiting for divine inspiration to strike unexpectedly. Of course it appear surprisingly fast and strong, but to be honest; most days it does not.

Before I start to create something I always make sure that I am calm and in a good mood. But this can of course need some aware actions before I get into this state.

I enter my red painted and often slightly chaotic studio regardless if I feel creative or not.

I make a small cleansing ritual in front of my altar before I start with any creative work. To help set the atmosphere I prefer to light a candle and light some incense. This helps me to let go of the everyday chatter around me. It is a great way to become more focused and return to my own true center. I just let the incense wipe away all the negativity if I have any at the moment. It is an easy thing to do and I can really recommend it. I focus, take some deep breaths and let the incense do its own magic.

And then I can start working. I need these kinds of rituals to get me into the mood of creating sometimes. And it really helps me getting started.

I often use palo santo, a South American tree that has been used by shamans and medicine men since ancient times. Palo santo means ”holy wood”. It has been used for cleansing, rituals and medical purposes in many places in South America.

The incense comes from trees that has fallen naturally, so it does not cause damage in living trees.

The smell of palo santo is  rather sweet; but also smells of mint and lemon. It is in my opinion a fresh and restorative incense.

Try it!