How the forest speaks to me

Sometimes in the autumn I find myself wandering in the dark forests around where I live. Sometimes it’s so dark, even if it is not winter yet, that I feel totally absorbed by it. I don’t perceive this as frightening, but rather as confusing. When I come back home again I am not entirely sure if I’ve really been outside, or if I just closed my eyes and fell asleep. The dark is really so deep that I totally loose myself into it. I become part of it.
Or, the darkness becomes part of me.

When I first noticed this strange occurrence, I was disappointed. With time I got frustrated. Why couldn’t I simply enjoy an evening walk in the forest? Am I one of these people who’s never fully present, and can’t pay attention to the moment? But then I thought about it again, this time with a little bit more compassion with myself. What if this was a way of being absolutely present, of letting my everyday self completely melt away? With this realization I also understood that it was important fpr wandering deeper into the realms of my own psyche.

Sometimes in the autumn I find myself wandering in the dark forests around where I live. Sometimes it’s so dark, even if it is not winter yet, that I feel totally absorbed by it.The forest is a spiritual place for me, at several levels. A lot of my personal development is centered in nature, one form or another. I do enjoy any kind of nature, but I’ve realized that I prefer the forest as a scene for my spiritual work. It’s my greatest source for inspiration.

This is how the forest talks to me:
It doesn’t matter if I sit, lie down or walk. I simply relax, let the normal everyday world disappear and a sort of communication with the surroundings begins. Usually moderate at first, but then more and more intense. My regular thoughts disappear and the parts that are civilized and well-functioning in a hi-tech society leave me for a while. Left is a focused, open-minded being that can talk to other, different kind of beings. It can be a small flower, a tree, a stream, the wind or some kind of creature; the latter most often only visible to my inner eye.

These creatures can be trolls, fairies, ghosts, elves, aliens, or something that I don’t know the name of. I experience their presence in my mind and sometimes even physically. They can show images, transmit sounds or feelings. They give me glimpses of how the universe works and other for-me-unknown information and ideas. All these different kinds of beings have their own way of communicating. Some of them are slow and use only few or no words. Others talk fast and with a clear voice, having so much to tell I have to strain to keep up.
I believe that it’s important to listen carefully to what they have to say, and to always have respect for these beings, as you would for anyone you are talking to.

But of course it’s always up to me if I want to accept what they say as part of my reality, or act upon what they say.
My experience is that everything around me is alive. Sometimes this animistic life view can be challenging. Not always will other beings communicate with me, or maybe they want to but I am too filled up with the everyday chatter and noise to be able to hear it. I need to be present and fully listen. With time I have found that this gets easier, and I find it less and less difficult to bring that magical, forest-feeling back home to my life.

In my own home I now know that the pot plants are magical as well. They want to talk. As well as the crystals on my altar. No wonder that I need to spend so much time alone, or at least away from other human beings.

Sometimes when I’m in the forest I close my eyes and some fantasy looking creature (not looking like anything I’ve seen in a movie or book - so far) in short flashes shows me designs of jewelry or other things that the creature literally demands me to create. Their voices can be rather sharp as a matter of fact. Not all of my creations come to this earthly world on those premises, but more and more are created because of this communication. For which I am truly grateful.

Though I sometimes wonder if these creations are really my unique design? Maybe it doesn’t matter. These creatures - whatever they may be or come from - are helpful and really want me to bring their ideas into physical existence. When they speak it’s important not to think too much, not to question what I receive too fast – this can be done in a later stage of the creation process, if for example, access to certain material turns out to be difficult.
The instructions I receive can be very specific about shapes and materials. They are not that picky about time, however, as long as I do the work. But it has happened that I’ve forgotten about some of their instructions. If I do they remind me. This time with a louder voice.

On the whole, communicating with all these different kinds of species makes my life more rich and joyful. Or should I say our life.


This text is first written for and published in The Echo World Magazine, November issue 2016.