My creative work is a mirror of the dark forest

This text is originally written for and published in the amazing The Echo World, April 2017 issue. My article can be found at page 7.

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Soy candles and their awesomeness

Light is such an important part of life.

And a candle is a small reminder of the spark of life, the stars, the inner fire...

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Recently I've found myself obsessed with threads again.

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The ugliness of beauty

Making jewellery is of course about making the world a bit more beautiful, interesting  and eccentric.
But behind the scenes it is another story. It might look like chaos.

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Wild things may come

This year has started slowly, at least for me. Structure has not been my friend.

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New jewellery listed in the web shop

There are finally some new stuff in my web shop. Natural materials in portable boxes and bulbs.

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Healthy mushroom tea

I think it is time for another recipe. This time it is about chaga.

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The need of darkness

This is my least extrovert time of the year. The days around Winter Solstice are completely silent.

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New items in my shop

I have been busy making some new shop updates in the last couple of days.

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Incense as a tool for creativity

I am not waiting for divine inspiration to strike unexpectedly. Of course it appear surprisingly fast and strong, but to be honest; most days it does not.

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Ode to moss

I love the soft velvety feel of moss. Sometimes I long to the forest just to see and mostly to feel soft moss.

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Webshop updated with a lot of scary eyes

I've made a shop update with a lot of eyes. No plastic involved in any of these rings or necklaces.

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Staying alert - smoothie recipe

To keep being creative, busy and happy it is important with good food for me. And good food often means smoothies and juices. Today I'll share a recipe with you.

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How the forest speaks to me

This text is first written for and published in The Echo World Magazine, November issue 2016.

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The magic of wearing jewelery

It could be said that jewelry is just superficial stuff. I make jewelry, wear them, think of them, dream about them, sell them.

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Omvänt höstmys



Alldeles nyligen var det Höstdagjämningen.

Dag och natt lika långa.



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Gamen som inspirationskälla

Jag har låtit mig inspireras och hänföras av denna magnifika fågel i mitt skapande.


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Mitt hår är en drömfångare

Mitt hår är en stor drömfångare. Jag vill behålla mina drömmar. Låta dem tala och bli förstådda.

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En ny början

Välkommen till min plats, mitt hörn av universum.

Det här är ett centrum för det läskiga.
Det spännande.
Det mörka.
Och det ljusa ibland.

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